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eSign global settings

Company admins can set company-wide eSign settings. These settings will apply to all eSign documents created by any user of that company.

Add a watermark to eSign documents

Admins can set a watermark to be added to downloaded copies of eSign documents that are yet to be eSigned to ensure that they are not misused.

If set, downloaded copies of eSign documents created by anyone in the company will carry the watermark provided these conditions are satisfied:

  • The document has been sent for eSign
  • All added eSigners have not eSigned the document yet. Learn how to add a watermark.

Additional eSign global settings

Admins can set how users can eSign, how often eSign reminders should be sent, and who should receive a copy of all eSign documents. They can also create a message to engage with internal and external eSigners.

To access additional eSign global settings:

  • Click on Settings on the bottom left corner of the workspace
  • Click on Doc & eSign settings under Doc & eSign settings esignature

Allow eSigners to sign and initial by: The font-based eSignature is enabled by default. You can choose to enable or disable drawn and uploaded eSignatures for your company’s users.

Send an extra copy of every eSigned document to these email addresses: Add one or more email addresses in the input box. These emails will receive copies of documents that are eSigned by all eSigners, starting from the date the email is added here.

Set reminders: Enable and set how often reminders should be sent to eSigners with whom a document is pending for eSignature.

Engage with your eSigners: After an external eSigner signs the document, you have the opportunity to interact as a company with the eSigner via a well-crafted message. You can also add links to your website and social media accounts to engage with them further.