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Security and Privacy

At DocuX, we take your personal and organizational privacy and security very seriously. Both are built into DocuX by design.

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Get the latest information on our security, privacy, reliability, and compliance practices.

  • See who we partner with to ensure platform and network security and availability
  • We respect your data privacy—we do not own it, and we definitely do not sell it. See all privacy regulations we comply with.
  • Read about our commitment to reliable high performance and uptime, so you can scale confidently.
  • DocuX has all the required security and privacy certifications needed to meet the highest compliance standards. View all certificates.

Visit the Trust Center

All our business terms, policies, processes, and compliances in one place. Read through them yourself or get your legal team’s advice.

  • Terms of Service: Governs your use of our website and products
  • Privacy Policy: How we collect, use and safeguard your data
  • Cookie Notice: To enhance your product and website experience
  • Data Processing Addendum: How we process your data in serving you
  • Acceptable Use Policy: Our expectations about use of product
  • GDPR: How we comply with GDPR regulations
  • CCPA Notice: How we comply with CCPA regulations
  • Singapore PDPA: How we comply with Singapore PDPA regulations
  • Brazil LGPD: How we comply with Brazil's LGDP regulations
  • List of Sub-processors: Who helps us serve you
  • Takedown Policy: Copyright and Trademark related stuff

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Roles and permissions on DocuX

Choose what your organization’s users can do on DocuX. Set different roles for different users depending on the hierarchies and permissions within your organization. With our Enterprise plan, you can manage user rights at a granular level to ensure compliance with your authority and governance matrix.

Learn more about Roles and permissions on DocuX

Company security settings

Businesses on the Team and Enterprise plans have additional controls on DocuX to ensure document and data security and confidentiality are maintained. These controls can be accessed from the Settings page by company admins.

These settings include:

  • User lockout: Prevent unauthorized logins. Stop users from logging in if they make multiple failed login attempts.
  • Login password strength: Enforce required login password strengths to protect your users’ accounts and meet your company’s compliance policies
  • Login password change: Enforce a login password change frequency
  • Auto logout: Prevent unauthorized access. Inactive users will be automatically logged out.
  • PDF encryption type: Choose the strength of PDF encryption that should be applied to password protected eSign documents.
  • IP ranges restriction: Restrict internal users and external collaborators to a specific IP address or a range of IP addresses. If enabled, only users trying to access from those IP addresses will be able to log into their company DocuX account.
  • Integrations: Choose the integrations you want to make available for your company’s DocuX users.

Learn more about Company security settings.