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Chat with collaborators

There are two kinds of chats on DocuX.

A platform-wide chat that you can access from the header in your workspace. Learn more about the platform-wide chat.

A contextual chat built into the document and eSign editors. You can use the chat functionality inside the document editor to chat with the collaborators on that document. The chat functionality inside the eSign editor is used to chat with eSigners on the eSign document. These chats are stored with the respective document so the context is never lost.

** To chat with collaborators**

  • Click on the document in the Documents dashboard. This will open the document in the document editor.
  • Click on the arrow in the top right corner, below Save, to open the control panel.
  • Click on Chat with collaborators documents
  • In the Chat with collaborators panel that opens up, you can choose to chat with:
    • Everyone: Any message sent in this channel will be visible to all collaborators, internal and external.
    • Internal: Any message sent in this channel will be visible to internal collaborators—users who have been added by your company’s admin.
    • A collaborator individually: This will be a one-on-one chat visible only to you and the collaborator. documents
  • Type a message in the chat box and hit enter. documents
  • You can add emoticons and attachments to your messages.


Who can view chats on a document?

The chat in the Everyone channel is visible to all collaborators. Chat messages sent in the Internal channel are visible to internal collaborators. Any one-on-one chats between two collaborators will only be visible to them.

Is chat history visible to new collaborators?

Yes, any new collaborator can view all open chat history on the document — this includes chat messages sent on the Everyone channel. If the new collaborator is an internal user, they can also see all historical chat messages sent on the Internal channel.

Chats sent one-on-one between two collaborators are private and will not be visible to other collaborators, new or old, on the document.

Are chat messages always editable?

No. Chat messages can only be edited for up to 2 minutes after you send them. Edited messages will be appended with the (edited) text.