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Free trial

DocuX offers a 90-day free trial to all new accounts.

  • This is an introductory offer and may be paused or cancelled in the future.
  • If you signed up via an invitation from your organization, the free trial and its inclusions do not apply to you. Your access to DocuX features will depend on the subscription your organization is on and the role they have assigned to you.

Claim your free trial

Signing up is easy, needs no payment info, and you can get started right away. When you sign up, you will be on the Personal plan—which is our free-for-life plan.

To start using the free trial of our Pro, Team, or Enterprise plan:

  • Click on Settings at the bottom-left corner of the DocuX menu.
  • Click first on Plans & Invoicing, then on the Manage button. free trial
  • Select the plan you wish to upgrade to for the duration of the trial. free trial
  • Choose the number of creator licenses and billing frequency. free trial
  • Click on Confirm. Your new plan is now active.

Free trial inclusions and limits

DocuX’s free trial has no limits and you can use any plan with all of its included features during the trial period.

Free trial duration

The free trial is for a total of 90 days, commencing from the day you sign up to DocuX. If you upgrade or change your plan during the free trial, you can start using all the features of that plan for free. However, your trial duration will not reset.

To see how many days of free trial you have left:

  • Click on Settings at the bottom-left corner of the DocuX menu.
  • Click on Plans & Invoicing.

free trial

  • On this page, you can see your trial start and end date, subscription start date, and the price you will be charged once your trial ends.

Trial completion

DocuX will send you a notification via email a few days before your trial period is due to end.

If you wish to upgrade:

You can add your billing information in Settings > Payments & Invoicing and continue using all of our features.

If you don’t wish to upgrade and:

You are on the Team or Enterprise plan: You can export or download the data you have on DocuX before the trial ends. You will need to upgrade after your trial ends to regain access.

You are on the Pro plan: You will be downgraded to the Personal plan and can continue to use DocuX for free.


Do I need to furnish my credit/debit card details to avail the free trial?

No. You don’t need to furnish any payment information to start or use the free trial.

Are there any limitations in the free trial?

No. During the free trial you can use any of our plans and all of its features—no restrictions, no limitations.

Can I change my plan during the trial period?

Yes, you can change your plan during the trial period. However, there are some restrictions on downgrading from certain plans.

Will I lose access to all my data if I don't purchase the subscription plan?

You can export/download your data before your trial ends if you don’t wish to purchase the subscription plan.