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Add and edit contacts

You can add and maintain a list of contacts on DocuX. Doing this makes it easy to add them as collaborators and eSigners on documents and contracts. It also makes it easy to initiate conversations with them through DocuX’s chat.

Add contacts

To add contacts individually:

  • Click on Settings in the bottom left corner of the workspace.
  • Click on My contacts under My settings.
  • Click on +New contact. add new contacts
  • Fill in the details in the popup modal. add new contacts
  • Click on Save.

To add contacts in bulk:

  • Click on Settings in the bottom left corner of the workspace.
  • Click on My contacts under My settings.
  • Click on Import from and select the source you want to import the contacts from: Google Contacts, Outlook Contacts, or Import from CSV. Import from CSV
  • If you choose to import contacts from Google or Outlook, you will need to authorize DocuX to access your data on those platforms. This may include adding your credentials and approving the required permissions.
  • To import contacts from a CSV file:
    • Click on Import from on the My contacts page and select Import from CSV.
    • Click on Download CSV template to ensure your data follows the same format.
    • Populate your CSV file with the required data. Name and email fields are mandatory.
    • Drag and drop the prepared CSV file in the Import contacts popup modal. Import contacts
    • All the contacts in the CSV file will be added to your contacts on DocuX.

Any collaborators you add to your documents will be automatically added to your contacts.

Edit Contacts


You cannot edit email addresses on DocuX. Emails are irrevocably linked to an entity/account for security reasons.

To edit a contact:

  • Click on Edit on the right of the contact listing. edit contacts
  • In the Edit contact popup modal make the changes you wish to .
  • Click on Update.

Delete Contacts

  • DocuX does not retain records of deleted contacts. If you wish to add the contact again, you will have to do so manually.
  • Deleting a contact does not affect your collaboration on documents, eSign history, or other interactions on DocuX.

To delete a contact:

  • Click on the Delete on the right of the contact listing. delete contacts
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking on OK in the confirmatory dialog box.

Search for a contact

You can search for contacts by their name, email address, phone number, company name, or address.

To search for a contact:

  • Click on Settings in the bottom right corner of your workspace.
  • Click on My contacts under My settings.
  • Search for any contact by typing in their name, email, phone number, company name, or address in the search box given. add new contacts
  • The search functionality is dynamic and will display matching results as you type.


What happens to historical documents and eSigns when I delete a contact who was a collaborator?

There will be no change in historical or active documents if you delete a contact from My contacts. That person will not be notified about the deletion and can continue to collaborate and eSign on documents.

Why can't I change a contact's email?

Emails are irrevocably linked to accounts on DocuX and cannot be edited.

How to delete multiple contacts at once?

This is not possible at the moment.

Are my contacts notified when I add them?

No. Contacts are not notified when you add or delete them from My contacts.

Are collaborators added as contacts?

Yes, any collaborators you add to documents will get added to your contacts.

Who can see my contacts list?

Only you can see your contacts list. It is not visible to anyone else.