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Edit a template

Editing a template, that has not been finalized, works the same as editing an existing Word document.

Learn how to edit a Word document

Reopen a template for edits

Finalized templates are locked against further edits. If you wish to edit a finalized template, you will need to reopen the template for edits first. Collaborators, if any, are notified if a finalized template is reopened.

To reopen a template for edits:

  • Click on Templates in the main menu
  • Click on the alongside the listing of the finalized template
  • Click on Reopen


  • The template will open up in the document or eSign editor, depending on whether it is a Word document template or an eSign document template.
  • You can now make the edits you want.
  • Once done, click on Finalize template and the template will be active and ready to use. Templates