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Find out what the terms and icons used on the DocuX platform mean.


The definitions are DocuX-specific. They may or may not match the definitions of these terms and icons elsewhere.


AdminAn account that is allowed to conduct all administrative activities on DocuX.

The admin can add and remove users, assign different roles to users, manage the company’s security settings, set up integrations, and more.
ApprovalThe act of reviewing and deeming the contents of a document or contract as valid and correct.

Users can send documents and contracts to designated approvers for approval. Once approved, the document can be eSigned.
ArchiveMoving a document or contract that is not in active use to a designated section on DocuX for long-term storage and future reference.
Audit TrailA timeline of all activity on a document.

The audit trail on DocuX includes the addition or removal of collaborators, changes in document ownership, views on the document, and more.
ChannelA way to organize your conversations on a document. It is used to chat privately with a subset of the added collaborators.

DocuX currently has two channels - internal and external - depending on whether a collaborator is a member of the team or an external user.
CloneThe act of creating a copy of a document, contract, or template.
CollaboratorsUsers who work together on a document or contract.

Collaborators can be internal or external, depending on whether they are members of the team or external users.
ConcludeThe act of marking a document as completed. Once concluded, documents can be sent for approvals or esignatures.
CreatorAn account that is allowed to Create new documents and contracts.
DeclineThe act of politely refusing to approve or esign a document. You will need to state your reason when you decline.
EnvelopeA group of up to 10 documents sent together for approval and esignature.
eSign (noun)A digital alternative to conventional pen-and-paper signatures on documents. eSignatures on DocuX are legally binding, secure, timestamped, and fast.
eSign (verb)The act of signing a document digitally via a secure platform that ensures strong signer authentication.
eSignerAn account that is authorized to eSign documents.
ExpiryThe date on which the document will no longer be valid. Any pending eSign and approval requests will be canceled and the document will return to the owner.
FinalizeMarking a template as complete and ready for use.
InitialsAn abbreviated version of your signature consisting of the initial letters of your first and last name. Initials are required before or while esigning some contracts.
IntegrationA connection between two apps, such as DocuX and Google Drive. When integrated, some functionalities and data of the integrated apps will be available in DocuX.
LabelA way to identify and organize files on DocuX. Labels are named and color-coded.
LockoutA security measure that restricts users from signing in for a certain duration. Lockout is activated after a user tries to sign in with incorrect passwords multiple times.
RecallRegaining control and edit access of a document you had released to someone else.
ReleaseThe act of giving exclusive edit access of a document to an internal or external collaborator.
ReopenOpening a concluded document for further edits.
ReviewTo view, chat, and comment on a document that you are a collaborator on but whose edit rights are currently with another user.
RoleThe type of account based on the permissions chosen by the admin.
SignatureThe font-based, drawn, or uploaded graphical version of your name that serves as an identification on contracts and documents.
TemplateA document with pre-set content, style, and approval workflows. It can be edited and used multiple times to create other documents.
UnvoidMarks a previously voided eSign document as valid.
VersionThe structure and content of a document at a specific point in its history. On DocuX, a new version is created when a document’s edit access passes from one user to another.
VoidMarking an esign document as invalid.
WatermarkA faint message intentionally added to downloaded contracts that are in the process of being eSigned. Once signed by all parties, downloaded documents will not carry the watermark.
WorkspaceThe action-oriented, AI-backed main screen on DocuX that segregates, prioritizes, and controls documents for you.


This is a guide to key icons on DocuX.

General iconsSeen across the platform
Indicates a create action. Example: Create new user, label, document, etc.
View more options
Drop-down list
Collapsible section. Click on it to hide or show the section’s content.
Download. Seen on: chats, documents, attachments, user lists, and more.
View and add emojis. Seen in: chats.
Hold and drag. Seen in: approval and eSign workflows.
Click and hold to view password
Recent Search
Main menu iconsSeen in the navigation menu on the left
eSign documents
Header iconsSeen in the header bar
Keyboard shortcuts
File typesSeen alongside file names across the platform
Word document
eSign document
Word template
PDF template
Envelope. Seen on: eSign documents. Indicates a group of up to 10 documents sent together for approval and eSignature.
Feature dashboard iconsSeen on feature dashboards: Documents, eSign, and Templates
All documents
Created by me
Shared with me
Delete permanently
Create envelope
Editor action panel iconsSeen in the action panel of document, eSign, and template editors
Document settings
Add or manage collaborators
Add or manage eSigners
Chat with collaborators or eSigners on a document or eSign.
Fill and eSign
Get approvals
Manage version
Audit trail
Document properties
Primary action buttonsSeen in the bottom right corner of document, eSign, and template editors
Release document
Conclude document and Finalize template. Can be active or inactive.
Reopen document and Edit template
Prepare for eSign and Send for eSign. Can be active or inactive.
Use this template
Cancel eSign
Delegate signer